Our bewing installation has a capacity of 1000 liter per batch. It was custom made for us.

An innovative brewery and taproom in Ghent. It is truly a hidden gem, not only beerwise. We wanted to put our city on the map even more as an innovative city of great taste.
Our ambition was to create a place where we can experiment in our very own brewery and look for new styles and tastes. A brewery where collaboration brews with other brewers and beer enthousiasts, aren’t uncommon.
Our brewpub has become a place for young and old, for ‘beergeek’ and ‘beernovice’ where you can relax, have a beer, a bite and meet people. ‘Home away from home’.
A few years (and some blood, sweat and tears) later, our brewpub is a fact, in a beautiful location in the city we love. It’s up to you to determine if we succeeded in our ambition!