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Stigbergets Bryggeri: Scandinavian craft beer exports tap into Asia-Pacific tastes

Beer bottles and cans in front of a painted scenes from a brewery

Beer lovers in the Asia-Pacific region are passionate about Scandinavian craft beer exports. They cannot get enough of Denmark, Norway and Sweden's innovative, distinctive beer. And breweries enjoy seeing the enthusiasm for their work. With Biowan Craft as a partner, exporting Scandinavian beer is easy. Breweries can tap into export markets like China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Gothenburg's award-winning Stigbergets Bryggeri is among the Swedish breweries leading the field. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Stigbergets brews rich, complex beers. Full of flavour and distinctive Scandinavian taste, they are ideal for Asia-Pacific drinkers.

Stigbergets Bryggeri beer travels well, increasing the brewery's reputation for high-quality exports. Thanks to Biowan Craft's superior handling, Asia-Pacific drinkers taste genuine Scandinavian brewing freshness. This month, Biowan Craft has exported another consignment of Stigbergets' flavoursome beer. And the brewery's growing presence in the market is a successful sign.

Beer lovers in the region can now enjoy many Stigbergets Bryggeri' delights. 'Den Store Blondino IPA' offers a distinctive taste, like a Parisian dance. 'Amazing Haze' is a graceful hazy IPA. 'West Coast IPA' is another hazy IPA, also known as måsen (the Swedish word for seagulls). Double the seagulls and the hops, then add rainbows, for the 'Double Headed DDH West Coast IPA'. 'Trouble Sleep Imperial Stout' offers a delightful boost of coffee. 'High Times In Dark Ages' is a barrel aged stout, a collaboration with High Coast distillery. For those seeking something unique, 'Côtes Du Ringön' is a limited-edition wild sour. 'Condorita' is the triple dry hopped hazy IPA. Doing exactly what it says on the can, the 'Big Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout' is exactly that. And then there is the delightful 'Cake-Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout'.

For the Asia-Pacific market, beers are available in 330 ml or 440 ml cans and 20 l KeyKegs. Stigbergets Bryggeri presents Côtes Du Ringön in a 375 ml bottle.

Superior European craft beer exports to the Asia-Pacific region deserve the best handling. From its base in The Netherlands, Biowan Craft distributes beer around the world. We specialise in air and cold-chain sea freight. We also handle effective marketing to make our brewery partner exports a success.


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