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Penyllan is a small production brewery focusing on locally sourced ingredients, mixed culture beers fermented and aged on wood.

The goal of creating balanced beers where the acidic component serves as a balancing character without taking the stage from the malt, hops and yeast flavours. Our Garden Party culture could produce the result we wanted if it was kept cool, so all our wild barrels ended up in a huge cool room, where it would sit until ready.

It took us almost three years before we had the perfect beers we were looking for. We did believe that it is worth the waiting time, to get the unique balance and depth of flavour from a long slow fermentation.

Being only two people in the brewery, production is limited. It has been a long, tough and challenging journey. I hope you agree with us, that it was worth all the work and the long waiting time.

You can learn more about what goes on in our daily life at the brewery on my blog or at our Facebook page.

Penyllan: Our Products
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