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Distributing Latvian Craft Beers to Asia Pacific

Brewing in the Baltic States is thriving. Many excellent breweries produce outstanding beer that is celebrated across Europe and beyond. Being voted number 1 brewery in the Baltic States on Untappd is therefore a significant achievement for Latvia's Ārpus Brewing Co.

The independent microbrewery, located just outside the capital Riga, was founded in 2017 by craft beer geeks who brew what they love: juicy, hop-forward ales, fruity sour beers and bold imperial stouts. Many excellent flavours and brews offering a superior taste are what Untappd users rightfully recognise as something special, of which the brewery is supremely proud.

In Latvian, Ārpus means outside the box or beyond the norm, which reflects the brewery's beers. The brewery name was chosen for good reason. Ārpus Brewing Co. goes beyond plain, mundane, homogeneous brewing to create beers bursting with character. The irresistible flavour and huge aromas are ideal for people around the world who are brave enough to step outside their comfort zone.

Packaged in 440 ml cans and KeyKegs, Ārpus Brewing Co. beer keeps fresher for longer. Biowan Craft uses superior air and cold chain sea freight to export European and EU beer to the Asia-Pacific region in superb condition. Together, brewer and distributor present the freshest, most flavoursome Latvian beer to eager drinkers on the other side of the world.

Taste fresh Latvian beer: Ārpus – outside, out of, beyond, off limits!

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