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UK Brewing Excellence Freshly Exported

At its brewery in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, DEYA Brewing Company produce world-class beer.

A fiercely independent brewery with fairness and sustainability in brewing at its heart, the thoughtful team pay attention to every detail for perfect results.

DEYA's delicious range includes hop-forward beers, lagers and traditional British styles that focus on flavour clarity, aroma and freshness. It even produces excellent mixed-fermentation ales.

All beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and mostly vegan-friendly — some beers use lactose (they are labelled).

The distinctive recipes and characteristic brewing processes result in naturally hazy beers that burst with flavour.

Founded in 2015, DEYA Brewing Company has steadily grown, developed and improved to become today's acclaimed success. Its renowned beers are ideal for the Asia-Pacific and global markets; beer lovers across the world are thirsty to taste the brewery's excellent reputation and hear the brewers' stories.

DEYA Brewing, together with Biowan Craft, is able to distribute and export its beer fresh and in excellent condition. Importers in the Asia-Pacific region are delighted with the quality for their customers.

Watch out for DEYA's ‘Crocin’ beers in your region soon.

DEYA Brewing Company: Our Products
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