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Man pouring beer behind counter in bar, surrounded by neon

Neon Raptor Brewing Co. (United Kingdom)

Well-known, popular beer brands deserve the best handling for export

Based in Nottingham, Neon Raptor Brewing Co. has a great reputation for excellent beers across the UK and beyond.


Founded in 2015, Neon Raptor's high-quality beer is already well-known in export markets. It is the only European brewery invited to a significant beer festival in Asia recently.


There is nothing prehistoric about Neon Raptor Brewing Co.'s impressive beer range. Beer enthusiasts enjoy the solid beers and fresh flavours that deliver colossal impact.


International interest in Neon Raptor Brewing Co. is high. Thanks to the brewery's approach. It combines modern, contemporary styles — established favourites — and one-off experimental brews.


Neon Raptor's export and distribution partnership with Biowan Craft is a roaring success. Biowan Craft's innovative distribution to the Asia-Pacific region offers superior handling. Neon Raptor's extra-special craft beers reach distant markets in the best possible condition.


Cold chain sea freight and air freight keeps beer perfect for consumers in Asia. In China and other potential markets like Japan, Australia or New Zealand.


Dare you risk the Raptor's monstrous, impressive bite?

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