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Man pouring beer from a beer tap with a cross-shaped handle

Reservoir Dogs (Slovenia)

Quality beers ideal for distribution in the Asia Pacific region

Slovenia's biggest and best brewery began as a hobby. Inspired by the eponymous movie, Reservoir Dogs started home brewing in 2013. By 2015, RateBeer had named it the best new brewery in Slovenia. And today, its professional production facility brews world-class beer with innovation and creativity.

Brewers at Reservoir Dogs are in search of perfection. At its west Slovenia brewery in Nova Gorica, on the Italian border, they hound the limits of brewing.

Artisanal growling quenches a passion for brewing craft beer. So the Reservoir Dogs' team are following their dream. They have taken a deliberate step outside their comfort zone. They're not chasing their tails or barking up the wrong tree. They're brewing some of – in fact, many of – the best beers around.

Focusing on the many styles of IPA, as well as sours and imperial beers, the Reservoir Dogs' range is solid. Like our four-legged friends, Reservoir Dogs is a beer lover's best friend. Why not sniff out an imperial stout, aged in Caribbean Rum barrels. Or a Barley Wine, a Brut IPA or a Fruited Gose?

Beers of this quality are ideal for the Asia Pacific region. Biowan Craft introduces beer brands to global markets through successful supply-chain relationships. It also handles marketing, and coordinating brewery, distributor and consumer interaction. Together with Biowan Craft, Reservoir Dogs has opened new markets in Asia Pacific.

Can you handle this this pack of Reservoir Dogs? Their growl in overseas markets signifies the arrival of the freshest beer.

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