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Two beer glasses labelled Stigbergets under a tree

Stigbergets Bryggeri (Sweden)

Fresh Swedish Beer Exports

Gothenburg's Stigbergets Bryggeri brews many of Sweden's finest beers. It is one of the country's top breweries.

Three restaurateurs established Stigbergets Bryggeri in 2013. They founded the brewery with beer's culinary food-pairing excellence in mind. Serving the restaurant's own beer to diners enhances the experience and enjoyment. Great beer tastes complement the flavour profile of excellent food.

Stigbergets Pilsner, their first beer, proved popular. So popular that it continues to be a best seller. The brewery's impressive range comprises many distinctive brews. Other lagers and pilsners, sours; hoppy and hazy IPAs, and strong, dark beers. Its celebrated collaborations are noteworthy too.

Using superior ingredients and choice hops, Stigbergets produces novel beers bursting with flavour. Beer enthusiasts in the Asia-Pacific market recognise the brewing quality too.

Biowan Craft exports 330 ml and 440 ml cans — as well as 20 L KeyKegs. The team ships everything direct from Sweden. Biowan Craft's innovative methods maintain beer freshness and flavour during the journey.

Enjoy a crisp, pleasant taste of Sweden with premium beer from Gothenburg.

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