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Man pouring ingredients into a tank at a brewery


Delivering delicious, fresh beer with global distribution

Since 2016 FUERST WIACEK produces contemporary, adventurous, modern beers in Berlin while also giving a nod to the roots of traditional German brewing.

By combining meticulous brewing precision with a love of learning and experimentation, founders Georg and Lukasz reach new flavours and explore distinctive tastes. Using well-selected raw ingredients from Germany, the UK, the USA and New Zealand best-practice brewery processes, FUERST WIACEK brews what it rightly says are carefully designed, fantastic experience beers.

Drinkers enjoying its beer quality is what drives FUERST WIACEK's passion. The brewery understands freshness and recognises how mistreatment of its pale hoppy beers destroys the drinking experience.

Biowan Craft understands breweries' export and distribution requirement too, ensuring superior beer is transported in a superior way. Beer condition is paramount to us, and we keep beer as fresh as it was during packaging with high standards of handling and cold storage. We deliver delicious, fresh FUERST WIACEK beer to consumers in Asia and the Pacific region.

Enjoy modern beer quality, freshness and innovation from Berlin.

Fuerst Wiacek: Our Products
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