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Brewing tanks in a brewery


Craft Beer Exports from France

Keep the pig spirit alive with The Piggy Brewing Company, who produce innovative, celebrated beers in France's Lorraine region.

The Piggy Brewing Company team have an enthusiastic respect for the pig and quote M. Audiard: When the 130 kg lads say something, the 60 kg ones listen. The piggy philosophy reflects the brewery's personality: jolly, epicurean people who enjoy partying as much as tasting their beer. The pig spirit means not taking themselves too seriously but still brewing to the highest professional standards.

The Piggy Brewing Company's beer are renowned across Europe and beyond, and the brewery's reputation makes their beer highly desirable.

The Piggy Brewing Company urge you to follow the pig spirit by opening a high-quality beer to share with family and friends. Biowan Craft imports Piggy Brewing Company's great beer into the Asia-Pacific region, so you can be assured French brewing excellence can be tasted in flavoursome beers that are kept fresh throughout the journey.

Fight for your right to drink great beer.

The Piggy Brewing Company: Our Products
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