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Penyllan's barrel-aged beers, properly handled for distribution and export

Penyllan (Denmark)

Handling barrel-aged beers properly for distribution and export

For beer lovers, Bornholm in the Baltic Sea means one thing: Penyllan.


The Danish island's unique climate and distinctive terroir produce glorious ingredients. These give Penyllan's barrel-aged beers a unique, exclusive flavour. The brewery's wild culture ferments the beers, adding an extra dimension to the taste.


The Penyllan name has been in brewer and blender Jessica's family for generations. It was the original name for the Welsh family homestead. Then a property in Australia, and now a leading Danish brewery that defines its class.


Penyllan focuses on mixed culture beers, fermented and aged on wood. It brews balanced beers with a complementary acidity. Beer lovers savour the quality and depth present in the malt, hop and yeast flavours.


And with only two people, the brewery limits its production. Penyllan beers have an extra special uniqueness — hands-on, artisanal love in every batch.


Using the brewery's own 'The Garden Party' culture, beers enjoy a long, slow fermentation. To excellent effect. In some beer barrels, the brewery stretches its taste imagination. In other barrels, it blends a perfect, smooth balance. Penyllan even blends older vintage brews for a superior beer acidity and complexity.


Penyllan matures its barrel-aged beers in the brewery's cool room till perfect. So Biowan Craft take extra special care with these premium Danish beers. It exports and distributes them to Asia Pacific using first-class methods. Air or cold chain sea freight for best results.


Be cultural: enjoy “The Garden Party”. Try delicious Penyllan beer today.

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