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Innovative-beer exports well outside the box: distributing Ārpus Brewing's beyond-limits beer

Hand holding glass of beer with the Latvian flag, an aircraft outline, Arpus Brewing Co logo and Biowan Craft logo in each corner

Exciting beer-industry developments in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania energise us at Biowan Craft. Outside-the-box brewery Ārpus Brewing Co. further increases Latvia's reputation for impressive brewers and delicious beers. For us, exporting Ārpus Brewing's beer fresh by air for the Asia-Pacific market is a pleasure.

Ārpus Brewing Co. thinks in unusual ways. Voted #1 brewery from the Baltic States on Untappd, it forges ahead with innovative beer. Its brewing leaves mundane, homogeneous beers in its wake. Translated from Latvian, Ārpus means something unconventional, imaginative, creative and different. The name suits the brewery's characteristic beers: beyond the standard, exceeding the average.

A large consignment of fresh Ārpus Brewing beer recently arrived in Asia. Beer connoisseurs in the region can enjoy the fresh taste of Latvia again.

Does a ‘Cherry x Red Currant x Apricot x Vanilla Sour Ale’ tantalise your taste buds? Or how about a ‘Mango x Pineapple x Blueberry Smoothie Sour Ale’? What about a ‘DDH Hopheart IPA’ or a ‘Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Barleywine’? Two mouth-watering brewery collabs have also arrived by air freight. ‘Ārpus x Barrier Brewing TDH Nelson x Mosaic x Riwaka IPA’ and ‘Ārpus x Finback Brewery TDH Citra x Azacca x Enigma DIPA’. All beers are available across the region in 440 ml cans and 10 L or 20 L KeyKegs.

Step outside, go off-limits and enjoy a taste and aroma beyond the norm with Ārpus Brewing.

Distributing unique beers that offer a taste difference pleases us at Biowan Craft. So ask us how innovative beer exports and our craft beer distribution makes a difference to your exports. How do we ensure Asia-Pacific bars serve the freshest possible European beer.


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