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Neon Raptor Brewing exports take a colossal bite at Asia-Pacific market

Three cans of beer with labels marked Vanilla Weisse behind brewers and distributor logos

Working with Neon Raptor Brewing Co., one of the UK's leading breweries, excites us. It is an illuminating, monstrous thrill. Since hatching in 2015, the Nottingham-based brewery has gained an impressive reputation. The Raptor shredded the brewing rulebook and took a swipe at the market. Drinkers throughout the UK and further afield now enjoy far-from-Jurassic tastes and flavours.

There is nothing prehistoric about Neon Raptor. A modern, contemporary brewery, it produces beers that deliver a colossal impact. In Asia-Pacific, beer lovers enjoy the Raptor's delicious growl and impressive bite. And we hope our partnership is a roaring success in new and existing export markets.

Superior handling ensures the enormous, refreshing, flavoursome beers arrive in perfect condition. Biowan Craft exports the brewery's established favourites and special brews. Together we make Neon Raptor Brewing's renown reverberate across the region.

A large consignment of Neon Raptor Brewing exports arrived by air in China this month. From leaving the brewery to distribution in the market, the beer remained fresh.

Exports include the brewery's recently launched Vanilla Berliner Weisse beers. Three amazing flavours reached the Asia-Pacific region. Orange & apricot; cherry & white chocolate; raspberry, blueberry & cinnamon.

Also included are several beers with intriguing names. The 'Minotaur Shock' is a New England Style DIPA. 'Bride Of Reptilicus' is a DIPA, Dry & Bitter Collab. While 'Suburban Hercules' is a Triple IPA. Beers exported by Biowan Craft are available in 440 ml cans and 20 L KeyKegs.

Be quick! Capture the Raptor's brews now! And ask how we can make a difference to European beer reaching the Asia-Pacific market.


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