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Pigs do fly! Piggy Brewing exports fresh beer by air freight to Asia

Illustration showing Piggy Brewing Company and Biowan Craft logos on a map silhouette with beer cans and can labels

Enthusiasts in the Asia-Pacific region crave fantastic beer from European craft breweries. What interests drinkers in export markets most are high scores on Untappd. This is true in beer-loving nations like Japan, Australia, New Zealand or China. An almost fanatical passion awaits balanced, flavourful beers arriving by air or sea and fresh beer by air freight.

Biowan Craft recognises that superior handling ensures high-quality premium beer reaches the market. Optimal freight methods guarantee customers everywhere enjoy beer in the best condition. Beer as fresh and tasty as the day it left the brewery.

The Piggy Brewing Company in north-eastern France crafts assertive-flavour beers. All score well on Untappd. Sniffing out French culinary excellence, Piggy Brewing shares many porcine characteristics. The brewers are fun-loving with an exceptional sense of taste and smell. And like fun-loving pigs, the brewery's humour is evident. Always on the trot, the piggy spirit produces many dominant Piggy Brewing beers.

A Biowan Craft consignment of Piggy Brewing's beer recently arrived by air in Xiamen. From there, regional partners distributed the beer far and wide. Bars and hospitality venues poured brewery-fresh beer, despite the lengthy journey from France. Superior handling kept Piggy Brewing's IPAs, DIPAs and NEIPAs in perfect condition.

Many of the The Piggy Brewing Company's brews proved worthy beer-lover favourites. 'Northern Coke', 'Trinity Bay', 'Matricule 095', 'Honeck Attitude', 'Superdelic the 1st' and 'Lupulin Diktat'. So why not be as happy as a pig in mud. Follow your snout and discover why Piggy Brewing has the toughest beers in the farmyard.

Forage for more information about Piggy Brewing exports and Biowan Craft here.

Contact us to ask how we export and distribute independent craft beer as fresh as possible. Learn how fresh artisanal, independent European beers reaches Asia-Pacific with Biowan Craft.


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